Blast from the past, candies which you were fond of as a kid

We often get struck by nostalgia at times. There are some tasty treats which have made our childhood the best of the times. I am sure if you ever caught them again in the market you won’t be able to resist yourself from popping them up in your mouth. Have a look at the mouth-watering sweets which will take you down the memory lane.

  • Pan Pasand – These were so sweet and tastes absolutely like a paan, the one thing you weren’t allowed to eat as a kid.


  • Phantom cigarettes– Oh! I remember how I posed with style in front of adults as I smoked these snow-white and sweet ciggies. The best part was coloring my lips red with the small red tip of the candy.



  • Ice lollies– How could we forget when these suckable lollies used to grab our attention outside our school pavement. They almost taste like solidified cold drinks wrapped up in plastic and made our day after those tiring school lessons.



  • Magic Pop– I can’t forget the tingling sensation when those tiny crystals made a ‘crackling’ sound on my tongue. Did you remember how tiny crackers popped inside your month when you ate these?



  • Kampat candy – Ranging from varied colors to varies shapes and sizes these sugary tasted like oranges were so tangy and delicious to suck on.



  • Coffy Bite– The toffee which melts in your mouth and tasted like a coffee. Ummmmm…yum!!



  • Mango Mood – We can say this one tasted more or less like mango byte but were so yum to suck on that one would love to have them anytime.



  • Chatmola and Fatafat – Salty and sweet, these ayurvedic candies were too good to eat that you felt like eating the whole packet at one go.


  • Rola Cola – Or should we say Coca cola which tasted like candy! These solid cola candies came to our rescue when we couldn’t get our hands on our favorite coca cola.



  • Ravalgaon – Candies wrapped in different colorful wrappers made us wanna suck every single one of them. Wrapped in red, green, blue and orange they tasted so juicy.


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